A Little Adventure Re-Uploaded!

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Utilizing the new site design and its ability to allow for pretty texts formatting I have re-uploaded A Little Adventure, the short story written for a friend starring that friend. Enjoy it in its new legibility!


Men at Work

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And no, we’re not singing Land Down Under

Site design is about 70% done, it’s to the point now where the site can be used, just have to finish the sidebar and make all the repeat images do so cleanly, which will happen over time as I find the time/will to do so.

Please Excuse the Mess

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I am currently working on a new theme

Character Changes

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It’s funny how you spend forever designing a character only to find that after the first battle its utterly useless. Thankfully due to the fact that our rule system had everyone else built as super gods, the GM decided to switch systems and we had to rebuild. Orin is now no longer as inept at artificing which was fun to RP, but not practical in fights. With the addition of a pistol that shoots magical crystals, he actually is useful now. Fun times.

TSV: Writing Backstory

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It’s ironic that now that classes are starting back up I seem to find that I not only seem to have MORE time to write, the desire to do so is back. Perhaps I needed the summer break, or maybe years of school have trained me to only write under stress.

Regardless I have now have several pages of the backstory done. In my typical style its backstory in the form of an actual story, which I feel does a better job then any boring list of facts can.
Sadly I will miss the first session (typical), but I guess that just means I have a whole extra week to earn my bonus points by making my character super built. GM watch out!

The Shattered Veil P&P Campaign

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After years of wishing, I have finally been able to join a group of friends in a game of Pen and Paper RPGing. We’re using the BESM system and while the GM hasn’t let us in on the BIG SECERT of what the story is about, I do know that there will be dimensional hopping going on. Now to finalize my charecter nd his world backstory. And the GM said that I have to have a VERY well fleshed out sheet in order to get my free points, since a single page of backstory is too easy for me. 🙂

Uploading Parts

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Since the current rendition of Vaik’s Story seems like it’s going to keep on going for a while, I’m stamping it official(er) and starting to upload it to the site with final touch-up editing done. Prelude to Part 4 are now available in a more pleasing reading format then what the forum board allows.

Website is back!

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After a year hiatus Pyroscribe is back after a good friend was willing to split server costs 50/50 with me. It’s so nice to have a presence on the web again. Really motivates me to actually put something here!

Some works added

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Just a quick text update, added new Solo Writing “Notebook Hariku” and inserted a poem as the cover page for Solo Writings. Enjoy both!